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The Goal Planner


How it Works
○ The introduction to goal planning helps you to visualise your dream, take accountability, build consistency and work intelligently to achieve personal and professional lifetime success.

○ Setting your monthly plans, breaking them down into smaller steps to your best ability, and tracking your actions every week will give you accountability and boost resilience.

○ The Goal Planner's guided templates will help you to create every moment count, make a balanced life and create your life worth living.
With The Goal Planner, you will be able to set, plan, and track progress towards the goals that matter most—big or small—trade distractions and make an intentional plan for each day so you can create a balanced life.

How to use The Goal Planner
Take a look at how you can reflect on the goals you want to achieve and set the actions list to your best ability
Reflect on your personal and professional goals

Goal setting is all about taking a step back and asking yourself what you want to achieve, and then coming up with a plan on how you plan on achieving it.

Make your goals visible and balance

Create the plans and break them into daily priorities, make sure they fit your abilities, values, and your time frame to stay the course and don't be afraid to adjust or reset your action plan if things aren't working out.

Track progress and minimize procrastination

Obstacles provide an opportunity to learn and grow. Take time to evaluate what went great and what needed to improve so you can become even more effective.